R. Halas Creations


Art is a subject that is as varied as the diversity of mediums with which we express it. Whether working with fire, metal, wood or solid rock, the ends represent a unique and tangible expression of who we are as an individual. Over time, what is forged from these elements is what differentiates one style from another, and the creative union between the design itself and the theme it conveys becomes an effective balance of materials shaped by the inspiration that drives us. This inspiration comes from many sources. From the joy or pain of our life's experiences to the wildest realms of fantasy and illusion, these are the growth factors that make us who we are, the psychological mechanisms that define our character; and it is our art, that creative muse sketched in the subconscious and assembled by our hands, that is the means by which we reveal ourselves to the world at large.

Hammering at the anvil or working at the bench, the jewelry artist faces the unique scenario of creating designs that are not just visually appealing but also fit the structural parameters of the human form. In this respect necks, fingers and other extremities become the supporting framework for a creative vision; organic displays through which the artist's theme becomes subject to the moods of interpretation. And of course, a source of inspiration for our fellow souls. This is one reason why we make art, why we've entered this creative dreamworld, and this ability to inspire others becomes a reward in its own right.

As an artist my work has been heavily influenced by mythology. Classical Greek myths are infused with countless tales of mortals battling terrifying beasts and vindictive Gods wielding incomprehensible powers; Egyptian lore speaks of magical symbols and tales of immortality; the legends of medieval Europe with their knights, dragons, and powerful wizards gallantly represent that age-old fight between good and evil. Yes, imagination is our greatest gift. Bold, resourceful, and at times even frightening, the human mind is a wealth of creative energy that if properly utilized can enrich our time spent in this mysterious universe.

Roger Halas

e-mail : rhalas@jungleintrigue.com